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Independent Assessment Report

We ensure that our contractors are experienced in earthquake damage assessments and can provide an Independent Assessment Report on the damage to your property as a direct result of the earthquakes.

The report will detail costings and cover the scope of the repair work alongside the repair strategies to be undertaken for each area of your home including outside areas such as paths, driveways and fences.

We will offer you clear estimates for your home repair requirements and give you the opportunity to confirm or query the assessment report. Unlike other companies the information recorded in our reports will be transparent.

The Independent Assessment Report that we provide is priced according to building size at $8 per m2 + GST. There is the potential to apply for the Red Cross Assistance Grant of $750 in some cases to assist towards the cost of your repairs.

Specifics of the Independent Assessment Report

This report specifically is a detailed description of your dwelling and includes the following:

  • Current condition of the house and property
  • The severity of damage to the house and property
  • Any plans of the plans if they are available.

An outline of each area of the dwelling including:

  • External Dwelling (roof, cladding, etc.)
  • Internal Dwelling (all inside rooms, floors, walls etc.)
  • Section (land, pathways, garages, fencing etc.)

The report will record any damage observed, the repair strategy and the scope of the work required for each area, as well as outlining the estimated repair costs with a breakdown of estimated costs for each area.

Once you receive this report you decide to proceed with our company then this the undertaking of this report is at no cost to you.


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